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GMap Macros are short snippets of text that combine various configuration options for presenting a GMap in Views, node content (through a filter), or other places. These macros are a Drupal-only concept and are provided by the GMap module.

An example of a complete GMap macro looks like this:

[gmap markers=blue::41.902277040963696,-87.6708984375 |zoom=5 |center=42.94033923363183,-88.857421875 |width=300px |height=200px |control=Small |type=Map]

Note that a GMap macro is always defined with a | (pipe) character between each attribute. Spaces before and after the pipe are optional.

Basic Attributes

Attribute: center
Values: lat,lon
Description: map center
Example: center=39.36827914916013,-81.5625

Attribute: width
Values: css dimension
Description: map width, in valid css dimensions (generally pixels or percent)
Example: width=100%

Attribute: height
Values: css dimension
Description: map height, in valid css dimensions (generally pixels)
Example: height=400px

Attribute: zoom
Values: 0-17
Description: the initial zoom level of the map
Example: zoom=7

Attribute: type
Values: "Map", "Satellite", "Hybrid", "Terrain"
Description: baselayer
Example: type=Map

Attribute: control
Values: "None", "Large", "Small"
Description: zoom and pan controls
Example: control=Small

Attribute: mtc
Values: "none", "standard", "hier", "menu"
Description: the "map type control" settings.
Example: control=standard

Attribute: align
Values: "Right", "Left", "Center"
Description: alignment of map on page
Example: align=Center

Attribute: id
Values: any string
Description: id for the rendered map element, to distinguish the map from other maps on the same page. Any controls that are synced with the map require a map id.
Example: id=mymap
Notes: use if you need to access the map from a script, or if you plan to have multiple maps on a page. As of Gmap 1.0, this is no longer required.


Each of these attributes may be repeated within a GMap macro. You would repeat attributes if you wanted multiple overlays of the same type on one map.

Attribute: markers
Values: marker name::lat1,lon1:popup1 text + lat2,lon2:popup2 text + … + latN,lonN:popupN text
Description: place a point or series of points on the map
Example: markers=blue::39.367383358933125,-81.56906604766846 + 39.36675298114445,-81.5561056137085
Notes: Repeat for each different marker type that you want to use. The "marker name" may be the name of a series of markers. Popup text may contain plain text or HTML, as long as it does not have the symbols "|", "+", or "]". Use the HTML entities for these characters (|, +, and ] respectively).

Attribute: feed
Values: GeoRSS feed
Description: an RSS feed with geo:lat information to be overlaid on the map. **local feeds only?
Example: feed=blue::/my-location-rss
Notes: Location.module automatically adds GeoRSS information to RSS feeds. This means that RSS feeds created with Views can be directly overlaid onto your GMaps.

You can set some style attributes for lines and shapes. Where these are not set, the defaults for google are used. These styles are written directly after the "=" in a specific order, separated by a "/", and are followed by a ":". Previous versions of GMap could use Xmaps to create dashed lines and text labels for lines and polygons, but those options are no longer supported. Opacity also used to be specified as a number between 0 and 1; it is now a number between 0 and 100.

Attribute: line
Values: line color in hex/line width in pixels/line percent opacity:lat1,lon1 + lat2,lon2 + … + latN,lonN
Description: place a line on the map
Example: line=#0000ff/5/45:39.361942015870724,-81.5711259841919 + 39.369506694882396,-81.56558990478516 + 39.3664212010754,-81.56172752380371 + 39.368146440221935,-81.55773639678955
Notes: It is best to break up long lines into shorter segments, because long lines can be buggy--sometimes beginning and ending points are switched.

Attribute: circle
Values: line color in hex/line width in pixels/line percent opacity/fill color in hex/fill percent opacity:lat1,lon1 + lat2,lon2 + … + latN,lonN
Description: place a circle on the map
Example: circle=#000000/3/25/#ffff00/45:39.37395222041742 , -81.56816482543945 + 0.7622248729082767 |markers=big blue::47.040182144806664,-90 + 39.36827914916013,-81.5625 + 39.36827914916013,-81.5625
Notes: if you draw a large circle on the map, it will not appear as a perfect circle--2D maps of the globe are necessarily distorted.

Attribute: polygon
Values: line color in hex/line width in pixels/line percent opacity/fill color in hex/fill percent opacity:lat1,lon1 + lat2,lon2 + … + latN,lonN
Description: place a filled polygon on the map
Example: polygon=#000000/3/25/#ff0000/45:39.37202807246466,-81.56992435455322 + 39.373686823852424,-81.55782222747803 + 39.37099962681384,-81.55486106872559 + 39.37046881022853,-81.56636238098145 + 39.37202807246466,-81.56992435455322 |markers=big blue::47.040182144806664,-90 + 39.36827914916013,-81.5625 + 39.36827914916013,-81.5625

Attribute: rpolygon
Values: line color in hex/line width in pixels/line percent opacity/fill color in hex/fill percent opacity: center lat,center lon + vertex lat,vertex lon + num sides
Description: place a filled regular polygon on the map
Example: rpolygon=#000000/3/25/#ff0000/45:44.20583500104184,-70.367431640625 + 44.315987905196906,-68.609619140625 + 4


Attribute: behavior
Values: +autozoom and ???
Description: Auto zooms and centers the map
Example: behavior=+autozoom

Note: I’m adding this here as it took a Stack Exchange search to find how to auto center an exposed filter view based upon multiple returned nodes [zoom and centre gmap output based on results (views+gmap+location modules)]. I do not know what other values “behavior” has. This worked quit well for me.

[gmap | behavior=+autozoom | width=800px | height=600px | control=Small | type=Map]

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