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Dript is a scripting facility designed specifically for Drupal. Non-programmers may add formulas or behaviors to their Drupal installation without having to go down to PHP. Dript is simpler and safer. The word 'Dript' is derived from three words 'Drupal', 'Lisp' and 'script' blended together. Dript is pronounced like 'script'. Dript may also mean dripped as defined in Simplified Spelling Board’s 300 Spellings. In other word Dript is also relative to the meaning of Drupal.

Dript is a dialect of Lisp. It is natural for Lisp to have dialects. Why Lisp? Isn't Lisp a very old language, just second older than Fortran? Actually Lisp never ages. It only gets wiser over time. Read how Lisp is Beating C in Scientific Computing Applications. That can be mind boggling. However, Dript takes a simpler approach and down to the earth with Drupal.

Dript is written 100% in PHP so that you don't have to install anything else on the hosting server. Dript is also extensible where new functions can be written with PHP and simply dropped into the module. For non-PHP programmers you can use Dript itself to define new functions and upload your scripts to the Drupal's file folder.

You may find tons of documentation on Lisp on the web. If you are new to Lisp, take a free on-line interactive Lisp course at Episodic Learner Model - The Adaptive Remote Tutor. However, Dript have slightly different approach to the behaviors and functions to the general Lisp. Different Lisp dialects such as Common Lisp and Scheme are having their own individual approaches as well. However, this handbook will not discuss the different approaches of the various Lisp dialects.

Note: This handbook is on going, as Dript itself is on going. Dript has the tendency to grow big (subject to contributors participations). New functions and approaches will be added from time to time.

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