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The Database Administrator module allows adminstrators to manage, backup, and load a database. The ability to manage tables inside the site reduces the needs for learning third party database tools and reduces time to accomplish database administration tasks.

The module allows you to set the backup name for multiple tables and repair a MySQL or MariaDB database. Administrators also have the ability to perform many operations on a single table including: view, describe, check, backup, empty, and drop. The administrator can check, backup, empty, and drop a selection of multiple tables.

You can:

  1. administer tables at administer >> database.
  2. run scripts on the database at administer >> database >> run script.
  3. set the backup file name and the MySQL/MariaDB table check and repair settings at administer >> settings >> database.
  4. file issues, read about known bugs, and download the latest version on the Database Administrator project page

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.