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The Buddy list module enables users to add buddies in their social network to their user account. Users can maintain a list of their buddies and keep track of what their buddies are posting to the site. They can also track their buddy's buddies and thereby explore a social network.

You can add buddies via user profiles. The administrator must enable viewing users profiles to be able to use the buddy list option. On the View tab of the user profile, there is a Buddy list section. One of the buddy list actions is Add Buddy. Select this action to add a user to your buddy list. Administrators can also enable the Buddylist block, or Recent Buddy Content. This block allows you to see a list of your buddies and content from your buddies respectively. An administrator can also enable the Friends Of A Friend (FOAF) module to allow for sharing of buddy lists between different social networking applications.

You can:

  1. add a buddy by looking at user profiles.
  2. allow users to view profiles in administer >> access control >> permisions.
  3. enable the buddy list blocks at administer >> block.
  4. administer the buddy list block at administer >> settings >> buddylist.
  5. file issues, read about known bugs, and download the latest version on the Buddylist project page.

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