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The information on this page is for those who obtained the 4.6 version before it stopped being distributed. Please check the BitTorrent project page for a module that works with Drupal 5.

The BitTorrent module allows the distribution of large files via the BitTorrent network technology. By sharing the cost of downloading as well as uploading with a network of other users no one site has to carry the burden of every download. This is very important for a network of community sites that want to share media such as podcasts, video blogs, and participatory culture media. BitTorrent should not be used to distribute copyrighted material. It is an open system and law enforcement officials can easily track and prosecute users who attempt to pirate content. This module provides a BitTorrent tracker which coordinates the sharing of content via a map of the content pieces in a .torrent file.

There is a list of torrents that are being tracked. You can set the explanation of BitTorrent for users of your site in general settings. You can also make a list of torrent announce URLs that your tracker will use. This module is not currently being distributed. It was developed by Digital Bicycle and will be distributed by CivicSpace Labs in a manner to avoid its use as a piracy tool.

You can:

  1. view a list of torrents at BitTorrent tracker.
  2. administer the BitTorrent general settings at administer >> settings >> BitTorrent.
  3. administer the BitTorrent tracker settings at administer >> settings >> BitTorrent >> tracker.
  4. file issues, read about known bugs, and download the latest version on the BitTorrent issue

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