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The audio module allows users to add audio media content to a site. Audio is an important medium for community communication. The recent rise of the podcast phenomenon is an example of the trend towards audio content. The audio module enables music, spoken word, and voicemail messages to be played on a site, and all audio node content is automatically podcast-enabled.

The audio module allows a user to create a new audio post. An audio post lets you upload and download audio files, and uses the getID3 library to read and write ID3 tag information from the audio file. The getID3 library is required. This module comes with a handy flash player that can be embedded in your site, to allow streaming of the audio without allowing downloads. Audio files can be submitted by browsing users computer for files to upload. Audio posts can also be configured to allow the files to be downloaded. Audio administration allows the path for audio files to be uploaded to be configured. The getID3 library can also be configured in audio administration.

You can:

  1. listen to the most recent audio files added in your user profile at my account.
  2. add an audio file at create content >> audio.
  3. enable the latest audio and random audio blocks at administer >> block.
  4. administer audio module at administers >> settings >> audio.
  5. download and install the required getID3 library from getID3 sourceforge page.
  6. file issues, read about known bugs, and download the latest version on the Audio project page.

ches has written a simple guide summarizing the steps they took in setting up the audio module for their personal site. It brings together steps from a few different sources of documentation into a very quick walkthrough aimed at blogs or other sites where occasionally attaching audio to a story or some other content type is desirable. It's useful to those new to drupal or just looking for a fast, minimalist audio module setup.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.