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This guide covers preparing for installation, running the installation script, and the steps that should be done after the installation script has completed. It also explains how to do a "multi site" installation, where a number of different Drupal sites run off the same code base.

This documentation focuses on performing tasks at the command line. For information on using graphical tools, see the documentation that accompanies the application or is provided by your hosting service. Some web hosting companies also offer "one-click" installations of Drupal, or specific Drupal support.

Before proceeding with your first Drupal installation, you should review the minimum requirements and best practices. Most web hosts meet these requirements. However, a few stand out by also actively supporting the Drupal community. If you need hosting, consider selecting one of these web hosts.

For help with Drupal terms, see the glossary page.

There is also information about Drupal distributions, which include installation profiles and pre-packaged distributions of Drupal and modules. These may be of help as well.

If you encounter difficulties, you can refer to the Troubleshooting Guide.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.