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Tutorials are detailed step-by-step articles that explain how to achieve an overarching goal. For example, explaining how to create a photography site that allows content contributors to submit pictures is an example of a tutorial. Or setting up an ecommerce site using a set of modules and with certain performance measures would also be explained in a tutorial. Tutorials typically do not explain self contained tasks or explain how to solve a certain issue; these would be better suited within a HowTo.

This section contains tutorials as they have been contributed by the community.

Go forth and share your knowledge

If you have accomplished something that you would like to share with the rest of the community, please click the 'add a child page' link near the bottom of this page and describe the steps that you have taken. Trust us, it will be so satisfying to have other users reading the story of how you did X with Y & Z!

Links to tutorials in other sections of the Handbook

In order to avoid duplication, here are some links to tutorials that live in other handbooks:

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