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  1. Getting Started
  2. Installation, Hosting and Upgrading
  3. Basic Usage
  4. Case Studies
  5. Customization and Development
  6. Support

Welcome to the Managing News documentation. Below is an outline of the major sections of this documentation and what you can expect to find in each one. If you are just starting with using Managing News, check out the Getting Started section. If you would like to extend Managing News to include new features, take a look at the Development section. If you're already using Managing News but need some help, take a look at the Support section.

Getting Started

The Getting Started section is intended to help a new Managing News users get their bearings on what Managing News actually is and how to use it. A great place to begin is the Quick Start Guide, and once you're done with that, it might be good to review the full set of features.

Installation, Hosting and Upgrading

This section explains how to install Managing News, what the suggested requirements are for hosting and improving performance, and how to upgrade Managing News to newer versions.

Basic Usage

This sections covers how to use the basic features of Managing News, including working with feeds, using channels and re-broadcasting out news with web widgets or social sharing tools.

Case Studies

The case studies section includes a variety of case studies including how to use Managing News as a news-clipping tool, how Managing News served as a base platform for the 2009 Afghanistan elections, and a few examples of Managing News being used in the wild for the purpose of public news aggregation.

Customization and Development

The Customization and Development section includes a variety of documents to help developers understand the architecture of Managing News in order to extend the platform to include new features. There is also a guide on contributing code back to the project.


The Support section includes supporting documents like the Glossary and FAQ, and details how to report issues.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Managing News is a compendium of Drupal with news-related modules in one package. If a distribution fits your particular needs, it's easier to set up than a "roll your own" Drupal site. You lose no flexibility in your ability to customize the modules later.


Is it possible to add Managing News to an existing drupal 7.8 installation?


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