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Julio is a distribution for schools, school districts, and academic departments from K-12 to higher education. Built in Drupal 7, Julio provides a solid foundation to meet the specific needs of your organization. Using Julio, different people can be given control over different sections of your site. The flexible site architecture allows you to create the exact structure you need to communicate with your community.

Julio's features include:

  1. A responsive theme that displays cleanly across all modern browsers and mobile devices;
  2. Customizable layout and appearance options;
  3. Four types of user groups for administrative units, clubs, teams, and departments. You can create as many user groups of each type as you like, to suit your organizational structure;
  4. A set of events and announcement tools for advertising events either within a specific section of the site or across the whole organization;
  5. Slideshows and image galleries for showcasing your school's pictures and media;
  6. Directory pages that display staff and faculty contact information, photos, and bios;

To get started, feel free to watch this introductory video, take a look around the Julio demo site or dig into the documentation.


The initial version of Julio documentation was written by Kelly O'Brien.

You can learn more about Julio at the Julio project page or at the FunnyMonkey Julio blog.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.