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There are three main ways to get the Conference Organizing Distribution:

  1. The speedy way (recommended)
  2. The command-line way (harder)
  3. The module-by-module method (flexible)

The speedy way: Download the packaged COD distribution

There are two places to obtain the packaged COD distribution:



  • As easy to install as core Drupal
  • Packaged with Drupal core and all required modules and libraries


  • Doesn't receive the benefit of improvements made since the latest package was created (which typically happens every few months).

The command-line way: Build it yourself using Drush and Drush Make

This method downloads COD and all dependencies. It's a great way to preview upcoming features in a development version of COD (cod-dev).


Make files


Note: These steps worked using versions that were current when this documentation was written: git 1.7, drush 4.5, and drush_make 2.2. Alter the instructions for later versions as needed.)

  1. Install Drush, instructions are available on the Drush project page.
  2. If you installed Drush 5 you can skip this step, otherwise install the Drush Make extension:
        $ drush -y dl drush_make
  3. Setup your folder structure: (Note: this is to store the D6 version of COD)
        $ cd ~/Sites/ (or wherever you usually setup your localhost sites)
        $ mkdir mysite
        $ cd mysite

    Download the code:

      git clone --branch 6.x-1.x
  4. Run the cod-dev.make:
        $ cd cod/cod6
        $ drush make --working-copy '' cod6

    Note: this should download Drupal core as well as all of the modules you need to install COD.

  5. Run the build-cod.make:
      $ drush -y make cod/build-cod.make
      $ rm -rf cod
  6. Go to your actual Drupal install in your browser and at /install.php, as you'll need to select the COD profile (D6). If you like to do the install from the command line use the following command.
    $ drush site-install cod --db-url=mysql://username:password@localhost/db_name
    replace username,password & db_name with your database login credentials.

The module-by-module method: Download the individual cod_support modules

At the core of COD's functionality are the cod_support modules. You can download these modules from the cod_support project. If you clone from Git or use the development snapshot, you can have the latest version of these features. Simply download cod_support, and enable the features you want using the Features module interface at admin/build/features.

  • Download and enable only the features you want
  • Makes it easy to add COD functionality to an existing Drupal site
  • Drawback: You have to download module dependencies

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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Once you've got drush make you can also use the following command to download entire cod source into a target directory called 'public' (you could rename this target to whatever you like):

$ drush make --working-copy public

The build stub file that you're passing drush make above is the latest cod-dev.make file from the 6.x-1.x branch. You could browse the repository to find a different version. The --working-copy option means that the cod project repository is cloned so that you've got a full blown repo on your local machine.