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Site Building Guide

Add functionality and features such as e-commerce, forums, media, search, geographic data, dates, workflow, messaging, forms, social networking, etc. Audience: site builders, developers and business architects

Developer Guides

API Reference

Search the complete Drupal API including forms, menus, node access, theme system, etc.

Git documentation

Use git for version control to manage projects and code, and to colloborate with other Drupal developers.

Examples for Developers

Examine a standard repository of sample modules that can be used to learn module development, or are referenced on handbook pages.

Other Information

Code snippets

Reuse chunks of Drupal code that people have shared with the community.


Identify and solve problems with servers, page display, permissions, logins, etc.

Tutorials and recipes

Drupal Books

There are many useful books about Drupal. Here are just a few of our recommendations:

Advertising helps build a successful ecosystem around Drupal.