Chapter 6. Setting Up Content Structure

6.1. Adding a Content Type

How to add and configure a new content type.

6.2. Deleting a Content Type

How to delete a content type that is not required for the site.

6.3. Adding Basic Fields to a Content Type

How to add fields to a content type.

6.4. Concept: Reference Fields

Overview of reference fields and their commonly-used types.

6.5. Concept: Taxonomy

Overview of taxonomy and how it can be used to categorize content in a website.

6.6. Setting Up a Taxonomy

How to create a taxonomy vocabulary and add it as a field to a content type.

6.7. Adding a Reference Field

How to add a reference field that connects two content types.

6.8. Concept: Forms and Widgets

Overview of forms and widgets.

6.9. Changing Content Entry Forms

How to edit a content entry form.

6.10. Concept: View Modes and Formatters

Overview of view modes and field formatters.

6.11. Changing Content Display

How to make content items more presentable.

6.12. Concept: Image Styles

Overview of image styles and how they are used to display a single image in several variations.

6.13. Setting Up an Image Style

How to add an image style to reformat an image.

6.14. Concept: Responsive Image Styles

Overview of responsive image styles, which allow you to provide different images for different screen sizes.

6.15. Concept: Text Formats and Editors

Overview of text formats, filters, editors, and cross-site scripting.

6.16. Configuring Text Formats and Editors

How to make a change to a text format and its editor configuration.

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