Configuring Quadstat

Last updated on
28 April 2017

This Drupal distribution comes with default content and is ready for use after installation with a few configurations. First download the Quadstat distribution to your webserver. The download comes with Drupal 8.x core files already integrated. If you need help with installation use this Drupal Guide. After setting up the superuser account, complete configuration of Quadstat. Proceeding past this point assumes that steps to install the distribution have already been completed.

  1. Set the Private files directory in settings.php. If you just want to try out the software you can set this to /tmp.
  2. Set the R binary path at /admin/config/services/quadstat_core. This is usually /usr/bin/R for Linux systems and the like.
  3. Clear the cache.

Two custom content types come with Quadstat, dataset and application, in addition to webforms which hold the inputs.