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The Features module is a toolset for building well designed Drupal 8 features and distributions.

Getting started using Features

Developing for Features

See the section on developing for Features 3.x.


Help is very welcome in all areas. If you have ideas feel free to post to the Features issue queue or reach out directly to one of the maintainers.

Current maintainers of Features for Drupal 8 are:


What's new in Features for Drupal 8?

For Drupal 8, we've rewritten Features from the ground up.


Features is guided by a set of principles including interoperability and working with the site as a whole.

Interoperability features

The default settings of Features should facilitate creating and maintaining interoperable configuration modules and distributions.

Installing and using features modules

Features modules are regular Drupal modules that contain packaged configuration for installation on multiple sites.

Features and configuration staging

There are several different strategies for using features in combination with staging configuration between instances of a site.

Complementary modules

Several modules interact with or extend the functionality of Features.

Building features

To get started, install Features and its dependency, Configuration Update Manager.

Features building workflow

This page introduces the workflow for generating and editing sets of features.

Creating and configuring bundles

To customize configuration packaging, site admins can create and configure features bundles.

Package assignment plugins

Assignment plugins control the way that features are generated and what configuration is assigned to them.

Generate features

Site admins can preview the features that will be generated and download them.

Creating and editing individual features

As well as automatic packaging, Features also supports manually creating and editing feature modules.

Feature states, diffs, and reverting

Features provides information on the status and state of available features and their configuration items.

Drush support

Features 3.x supports a set of Drush commands.

Building a distribution with Features 3.x

The main use case for Features 3.x is to assist with building and maintaining well designed and interoperable Drupal distributions.


There's lots left to do, and also some areas that Features previously handled that now won't fit.

Developing for Features 3.x

The most straightforward way to extend the module's functionality is by creating a new plugin.

Further reading and presentations

Here is a list of further reading on Features in Drupal 8.

Settings provided by other modules

Provides guidelines on how to override module-provided settings or configuration.

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