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Documentation for the charts module.

Charts Overview

Charts module was built to unify all chart solutions into one single environment. With no or minimal changes, you will be able to switch

Charts HowTos

HowTo pages are short, highly-targeted articles on how to accomplish a specific task.

Charts previews

This documentation page contains some previews (screenshots) of all sorts of charts created with the Charts module.

Issue creation guidelines

This documentation page contains some guidelines for creating issues related to the Charts module. Either for bug reports, support requests

How to contribute

For anybody looking for ways to contribute to Charts, here are a few examples to consider:

Using the Charts API

The Charts module can be used as a developer module that provides a unified API for the integration of various charting solutions.

Getting started

This documentation page details the steps required to get started with the Charts module. It is related to version 7.x-2.x and above. For

Modules related to Charts

This community documentation page is an attempt to correct the info contained in the related projects block mentioned on the Charts project

Create charts using Views

Documentation on using charts in Views

Charting Libraries

This documentation page contains various details about the charting libraries that are used by the Charts module to actually render a chart.

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