For GCI students: where to start (Google Code-In)

This is a short guide to help get GCI (Googe Code-In) students started with contributing to Drupal. You'll need to read this before submitting any task. If you would prefer a walkthrough video of this guide, see

Learn the story of a GCI winning student @

Getting started with the Drupal community

These are the steps to follow before starting to work on tasks.

Contact your friendly mentors

Say hi on IRC, and learn how to get help when you're stuck.

Using the issue queue

Learn how and why to use the issue queue, an important feature of

Learning to code in Drupal

Here is a list of things you need to know to code for/contribute to Drupal

Setting up Developer Environment and Tools

Learn how to setup your development environment and about development tools.

New Contributor Tasks and Novice Issues

Learn about new Contributor Tasks and Novice Issues.

Guide maintainers