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About Open Social

Open Social is a Drupal 8 distribution for building social communities, intranets, portals and any other social project you can dream of. 

Here are some reasons to contribute :)

  • You can use Open Social for your own projects and clients, check out our partner program here 
  • You get to give back to the open-source community
  • You improve your Github and standing by contributing to high impact projects
  • You learn new skills by working with an international team of web professionals
  • Need more reasons? Moritz lays out the benefits on contributing to open-source projects here

About Open Social Support

How to get in touch with Open Social about any support queries you might have

Activity Stream Architecture and Background information

A short introduction and overview of the architecture of the Open Social activity stream

Configure acceptance test in Open Social with PHPStorm

How to install and configure acceptance test for Open Social with PHPStorm

Contribute to Open Social

Would you like to contribute to Open Social? Find out how here

Create demo content

Learn how to generate Open Social demo content and how to login with the created demo accounts

Development Standards

Open Social is a Drupal 8 distribution so the Drupal best practices should be followed

How to run the Behat tests locally

Learn more about running Behat tests locally the Open Social distribution

How to speed up local development on OSX using docker machine nfs

Find out how to speed up local development on OSX for Open Social

How to upgrade to the latest Docker version

Find out how to upgrade to the latest Docker version for usage with Open Social

Installing and updating

Our recommendations for installing and updating Open Social

Internationalization (translations)

Instructions on how you can help with the translation of Open Social


Here you can find links to the Open Social roadmap, project page, prototype, styleguide and more

Private files

How to setup to use the private file system for Open Social

Social Login

Instructions on how to install and enable social login for Open Social

Unit tests

Documentation on creating and running Open Social unit tests using Docker and PHPStorm

Updating Open Social to 1.5 with Composer

Support guide for updating your Open Social to 1.5 using Composer.


Find out how Open Social uses release tags

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