Create a simple block view

Last updated on
1 December 2016

Views allows you to create listings of data on your site as blocks which can be placed in regions on your site.


  1. Navigate to admin/structure/views.
  2. Click Add New View. This brings you to a Views creation wizard to ensure you have the correct basic settings for your view.
  3. In the View Name field enter a name for the view.
  4. Click Description and enter a description.
  5. Under View settings > Show, select one of the following options:
    • Comments Sort options can be specified.
    • Log entries Sort options can be specified.
    • Files Sort options can be specified.
    • Content Content type, tags and sorting options can be specified.
    • Content Revisions Sort options can be specified.
    • Taxonomy Terms Tag type and sorting options can be specified.
    • Users Sort options can be specified.
  6. Under Block settings, enable the Create a Block option.
  7. Under Block display settings > Display Format section, choose one of the following format options. Depending on what you're showing in the view, you will also have options to select what should display. For example, you can select a grid of teasers, full posts, titles, titles (linked) and fields for content types in the Grid format.
    • Grid
    • HTML List
    • Table
    • Unformatted List
  8. In the Items per block field, enter the number of items to display.
  9. If you want to allow users to view more than one page of items, enable the Use a Pager option. If this option is not enabled, users will only be able to view the number of items that you specify in the Items to Display field.
  10. Click Save and Edit. This takes you to the full Views editing interface. If no further changes are needed, click Save.

For more information on blocks, see the Working With Blocks section.