Datetime overview

Last updated on
6 May 2017


The Datetime module provides a Date field that stores dates and times. It also provides the Form API elements datetime and datelist for use in programming modules. See the Field module help and the Field UI module help pages for general information on fields and how to create and manage them.


Managing and displaying date fields

The settings and the display of the Date field can be configured separately. See the Field UI help for more information on how to manage fields and their display.

Displaying dates

Dates can be displayed using the Plain or the Default formatter. The Plain formatter displays the date in the ISO 8601 format. If you choose the Default formatter, you can choose a format from a predefined list that can be managed on the Date and time formats page.

Adjust datetime formats at Manage > Configuration > Regional and language > Date and time formats (path: admin/config/regional/date-time).

For more information, see Working With Content Types and Fields. For a list of the functions and their descriptions see the
API documentation.