Understanding Drupal

This guide gives you a big picture overview of Drupal concepts, helping you to understand the framework behind Drupal.


Flexibility, meet Simplicity

General concepts

This page discusses some general concepts that will be useful as you begin to explore Drupal. For more details on these concepts you may

Users, permissions, and roles

Every visitor to your site, whether they have an account and log in or visit the site anonymously, is considered a user to Drupal. Every

Content types

A single web site could contain many types of content, such as informational pages, news items, polls, blog posts, real estate listings, etc

URL paths

In Drupal terms, a path is the unique end portion part of the URL for a specific function or piece of content. For instance, for a page


Technology stack

Drupal is part of a technology stack that contains a number of important pieces.

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