Testing setup and configuration

Last updated on
15 October 2016


SimpleTest has a few non-default requirements. In addition to the requirements listed below, all core requirements need to be met since tests may execute any module.

  • CURL extension for PHP
  • PHP open_basedir restriction needs to be disabled.
  • DOM extension for PHP. DOM support is included by default in php5.
  • Recommended PHP memory limit of 256MB (not exact)

Drupal 7.x

  1. SimpleTest is now in core, where it is called the Testing (simpletest) module. Enable it under admin/modules.
  2. If necessary, go to Testing settings page under admin/config/development/testing/settings to configure the HTTP auth settings.


Since Testing will be accessing your computer in the same manner as your browser does, it needs to have the necessary permissions (ie. HTTP auth, firewall) to access your development site.

Once you have these items in place you may enable SimpleTest/Testing.

More details are available in the SimpleTest INSTALL.txt.