Organizing content with taxonomies

Organizing content with taxonomies

About taxonomies

Add a field to a taxonomy term (Drupal 7 and later)

Taxonomy now depends on the Field module. This allows you to add new fields to your Vocabulary Terms as you would to a Content Type. Please

Add a term to a vocabulary

Once you have finished defining the vocabulary, you may populate it with terms using Add. Add terms to a vocabulary by navigating to admin

Add a vocabulary to a content type

To use taxonomy terms to organize your content, the vocabulary must be associated with the content type. To add vocabulary, go to structure-

Create a vocabulary

Creating Vocabularies in Drupal 7

Guidelines for taxonomy design

In small sites, the taxonomy scheme is usually obvious. But in larger projects -- especially when experts are categorizing content to be

Organizing content with taxonomy

Taxonomy, a powerful core module, gives your sites use of the organizational keywords known in other systems as categories, tags, or

Using taxonomy URLs to display sets of content

When displaying nodes, both in teaser listings on the Drupal home pages and in full, single-node view, many Drupal themes display the

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