Multisite Drupal

Drupal has a feature which allows separate, independent sites to be served from a single codebase. Each site has its own database, configuration, files and base domain or URL.

Multi-site - Sharing the same code base

Multi-site is an architectural design decision that allows utilizing one drupal code base to power multiple drupal databases.

Configuring a basic multi-site development environment in Linux

This page describes the minimum required steps for configuring a multi-site development environment on a Linux machine. The steps go through

Local multi-site installation of Drupal 7 on Linux

Drupal allows you to run multiple sites from a single Drupal code installation, each with its own modules, content, theme, etc.

Multi-site in subdirectories

if you don't know what multi-site is about, read the general multi-site documentation first.

Multi-site on Linux - Configuring multi-site for a local user (UserDir)

This guide will cover how to deploy multiple sites from within a single Drupal installation for a local user

Multi-site on Linux

Below are some specific multi-site documentation (for Linux) for different use cases. Please consider reading the general multi-site

Multi-site on Mac

To get multi-sites working on apache on a Mac, see "HowTo: Configure your local workstation to serve multiple sites using Drupal's multisite

Multi-site on Windows - using IIS


Multi-site on Windows - using WampServer

This page describes how to set up a multi-site Drupal install using Windows and Apache, via the WampServer package. The instructions cover

Multi-site on Windows - using XAMPP

My setup

Multi-site on Windows

Below you find instructions for setting up multi-site on Windows.

Multisite Mapping with Drupal

Here I present my recommended settings on Drupal in related to Single Site / Multisite of Drupal Installation by mapping Subdomains and URL

Secure multi-site setup using shared code-base

Building on comments from this forum topic, I've implemented a shared code-base system which has the following features:

Some multi-site considerations

What to think about with regard to multisite installations.

Multi-site SSL Considerations

Can we add SSL certificate to an add-on domain? is a common question and is answered in

Step 1: mono-site installation of Drupal 7

Firstly install Drupal 7 thanks to your distribution or by hand. (Ubuntu 11.04 doesn't include Drupal 7, but Mageia 3 and 4 do.) If you

Step 2: setting the databases

MySQL administrator calls "schema" what Drupal and PhpMyAdmin call "database".

Step 3: setting the subdirectories

Bulk loop 2

Step 4: setting the hostnames

Bulk loop 1

Step 5: troubleshooting

Clearing cache

Step 6: making your websites

Step 7: backing up and restoring

Don't forget to include your web sites folders and database schemata in your regular backup scheme. They are located in /var/www/drupal7

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