Extending Drupal 7

This documentation guide describes 'Extending' your Drupal 7 site beyond the capabilities of a standard Drupal core installation.

You can pick and choose from a wide range of contributed modules to add functionality to your site, and from a wide range of contributed themes to change your site's appearance. These addon modules and themes are also know as 'contrib', because they were contributed by members of our Drupal community, and are available on Drupal.org free of charge.


Install additional functionality and styles with addon 'modules' and 'themes', contributed by members like you, and free here at drupal.org

Installing Drupal 7 contributed modules

Extend Drupal 7 functionality beyond the Drupal core module features with 'contrib' modules ('contrib' means 'contributed' by the community)

Installing themes

Instructions for installing a contrib theme on Drupal 7

Moving modules and themes

The best practice is to keep all of your contributed modules and themes in the sites/all/modules or sites/all/themes directory, as

Uninstalling modules

Uninstalling a module is easy! Remember to create a backup of your database first. Before deleting the files, it must be disabled

Directory precedence and multi-site considerations

Directory Precedence

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