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About DAVYIN / 关于戴文

We are a dedicate Drupal company based in Shanghai, China. We started using Drupal in 2007 and since then, we have developed over hundred websites with Drupal. Our clients include Huawei, Johnson & Johnson, Sodexo, SQUARE ENIX, Haier, Ipsos, M1NT, etc. We are proud to count in our team among the first Drupal pioneers in China.

我们是一家位于上海的Drupal公司。自2007年始,我们就专注于使用Drupal为客户开发网站与基于Web的应用程序。迄今为止我们已经成功开发上百个基于Drupal的网站。我们的客户包括:华为,强生医疗、海尔,晨光,SQUARE ENIX,Sodexo,Ipsos,M1NT等。 作为Drupal在中国的先锋,我们自信能够为您提供专业的Drupal开发、培训和咨询等一站式服务。

Please visit our websites for more information:
English Site / 中文网站

Drupal contributions

China Social Network Authentication (CSNA)
Commerce Alipay
Workflow Access Extension

Search API sorts
Commerce Wishlist
Multi-column checkboxes radios
Get Locations
Hierarchical Term Formatter

Whole team provides support on IRC #drupal-china in Chinese and English language.

Company continue host "Drupal Shanghai Meetup" in company office.

Projects supported

Phone login, Int fivestar, Solr pre-segment Chinese search words, Block Attributes, Watchdog Redirect To Log, Views number field calculate, Baidu Map, Baidu Analytics, Grid Field Formatter, Image Link Formatter, Chinese Social Networks Authentication (CSNA), Search API stats, China address field, Commerce userpoints, Recently read, Media: Tudou, Block Class, Reroute Email, Views Slideshow, Nice Menus

Credited on 5 issues fixed in the past 3 months


DAVYIN Drupal Trainings / 戴文Drupal培训

We provide enterprise Drupal training services and community training(free). Know more about enterprise training, please contact; for community training please follow the publish on


Please visit our websites for more information:
English Site / 中文网站