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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Since 2006 CTI Digital's UK based Drupal team have delivered award winning digital experiences that delight and inspire. As one of one of Europe's leading agencies we specialise in providing end to end solutions to enterprise clients.

Company Overview

CTI Digital is a full service digital agency with offices in Manchester and London. Established in 2003, we have grown into one of the largest dedicated Drupal teams in Europe with over 10 years experience producing innovative and effective business solutions.

Our team of 23 full-time Drupal specialists (under one roof) have delivered a wide range of medium and large scale Drupal solutions including; community websites, subscription services, ecommerce, intranets, infrastructure systems and web applications for an international and domestic client base.

We focus on working collaboratively with our clients in an open and transparent manner so that we can create quality solutions that benefit their organisation.

Quality is important to us because we are passionate about what we do and we care about the results. We want to exceed client expectations when delivering a project or service. The way we achieve this is by creating high calibre products, in an efficient and consistent way (ISO 9001).

We want to foster long term partnerships with our clients so they know what to expect from us and come to see us as a company they can trust. Our intention is always to guide and steer clients in the right way, embracing appropriate, measured flexibility dependant on specific client needs.


Our client base includes organisations such as BASF, Greater London Authority, The Royal College of Occupational Therapists, Warchild UK, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London Gatwick Airport and Sony Pictures.

Operating in a simple, flexible and transparent fashion we have been voted 5th for Client Satisfaction in The Drum Digital Census 2014.


We're pride ourselves on being more than just a Drupal web development company; we're able to support clients through the project lifecycle from requirements analysis right through to support and maintenance including:

  • Business Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Design & Usability
  • Technical Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Support, Maintenance & Hosting

Our Drupal team is supported by business analysts, project managers, user experience architects, creatives and marketers, who work together to create customer experiences that delight and inspire.

Drupal contributions

We’re passionate about helping support Drupal’s growth, as a company and as members of the Drupal community.

Our team contribute to Drupal core, projects, design, documentation, patches and support.

As a company we regularly sponsor events and actively support our developers taking the time to contribute back to the Drupal community. We’re delighted to have one of the Omega theme co-maintainers and contributors to projects such as Mumblr, Commerce Giftwrap, Views Schedule and a PHP Console for Drupal. As well as one of Drupal’s most vocal advocates, DrupalCon Global Social Media Lead Paul Johnson. We've also sponsored a server on behalf of to power

Recent examples of our community contributions include:

Our contributions to the Drupal project go beyond code. Our Drupal Director interviewed Dries during his DrupalCon Amsterdam Keynote, we play a significant role in the Drupal community in The North of England including helping to organise The North West Drupal User Group and DrupalCamp North West.

The team are regulars on the speaker circuit including the first ever Community Keynote at DrupalCon Barcelona, Knowledge transfer - DrupalCamp London presentations A new era of accessibility with Drupal 8 and A-JAX of all trades, The Drupal AJAX framework, DrupalCamp London 2016/2015 (Mike Bell, Paul Johnson), DrupalCamp Bristol 2015, Drupal Camp North, DrupalCamp North West (Matt Smith, Mike Bell, Mark West, Mark Jones), DrupalCamp North East (Paul Johnson), DrupalCon Amsterdam Panel Conversation (Paul Johnson), DrupalCon Munich (Paul Johnson).

Projects supported

File Upload Security, Webform Pure360, Search API Solr elevate IDs, Media duplicate detect, Views smart sort, Input Filter Update, Environment Indicator File, Bean Logic, Lister, URL Alias Sync, Migrate Source YAML, Masqueradedit, Comment IP

Credited on 16 issues fixed in the past 3 months