Crowd Communications Group, LLC (@CrowdCG) is a full service development and design shop, that focuses on helping non-profits, membership organizations, niche brands, social movements, and small businesses cultivate engaging online experiences and communities. We help our clients reach their audience across all devices and platforms by providing a consistent brand experience. In addition to our development and design services, we offer strategic planning, implementation, and training for effective social media, email, and content marketing campaigns.

Drupal contributions

Contributions to core:
Drupal 8 work focusing on Views in Core, Twig/Consensus Banana, and Contact module.

Contributions to the project:
We promote the Drupal project to the local tech community through workshops, presentations, and general discussions at other local events. Additionally, we provide feedback and post issues for various distributions, modules, and themes that we use.

We are generally on IRC 5 days a week for most of the work day, frequently we will assist in #drupal-nj, #drupal, and #drupal-support. We also help mentor new Drupal users and contributors in real life during the Mentoring & Collaboration night hosted by the Central NJ Drupal Meetup.

Contributions to the community:
Additionally, we are a key organizer and sponsor of DrupalCamp NJ and the Central NJ Drupal Meetup and

Projects supported

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