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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Creative Contingencies is a micro business based in Melbourne Australia. Our clients are generally small businesses, and non-profit associations. We provide a range of web services built around the Drupal platform, including managed hosting, site development, site rescues, upgrades, mentoring and training. We particularly specialise in event management, and event websites, and are in the process of developing our own event organising module suite, called Converge.

Drupal contributions

Creative Contingencies donated considerable employee time to the running of Drupal Downunder and Drupal South

Peter Lieverdink (Cafuego) is an active contributor in #drupal-support and has submitted several patches to core and contrib modules. He also wrote a section about using Drupal for a small business website in Pro Linux System Administration.
He has contributed a range of modules, including

Donna Benjamin (KatteKrab) uses her event management skills to organise events for the open source community. Generally she works directly with clients using Drupal, and tries to bring their perspective back to the project. She is passionate about usability, and keenly interested in efforts to improve accessibility and usability for site builders, content creators and site administrators. She has even submitted patches to core. Donna was elected to the board of the Drupal Association in 2012, and is now serving her second three year term.

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Projects supported

Commerce Xero Invoice, NAB Transact Hosted Payment, Image Preset View Mode, Squawk, Views Unsaved, Views HTTP Headers, Views Default User Taxonomy, Keybase, Commerce Cart Context, Headerlet, Acquia Mobile Redirect, BOM Weather Lite, Autocomplete Limit Length, Unreasonable Defaults Alter, Inline Entityform Form, Webform Form Element, Views Filter Field, Drupress, Image Mobile Camera, Profile Field Search, COD Session Reviews, Kim Jong-filter, Pinterest Verify Website, Gravatar Style, Insert Video, Webform Serial, Drush Search & Replace, Pathrevisions, Views block area, Blind Carbon Copy, Views Access Callback, Media: Screenr, Webform Node Element, Media: SchoolTube, Site Info Blocks, Variable Check, HTTP Reject, Webform MySQL Views, Userpoints Evaporate, Stickybeak, Content Profile Search, Date, Taxonomy Lineage