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This example describes how to create the 8.3.x branch from the 8.2.x branch. Use the version numbers that correspond to the branch you want to create.

The script in automates the first 8 steps.

  1. Pull the latest changes in the most recent branch:
    git checkout 8.2.x
    git pull
  2. Remove any existing vendor directory:
    rm -rf vencor
  3. Install with the latest composer dependencies:
    composer install
  4. git checkout -b 8.3.x
  5. Update the VERSION constant in Drupal.php to 8.3.0-dev.
  6. Update the composer.json:
    diff --git a/composer.json b/composer.json
    index e02dcb9..727e031 100644
    --- a/composer.json
    +++ b/composer.json
    @@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
             "wikimedia/composer-merge-plugin": "~1.3"
         "replace": {
    -        "drupal/core": "~8.2"
    +        "drupal/core": "~8.3"
         "minimum-stability": "dev",
         "prefer-stable": true,
  7. Run composer update --lock:
    diff --git a/composer.lock b/composer.lock
    index 8d2b325..d1a3af0 100644
    --- a/composer.lock
    +++ b/composer.lock
    @@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
             "Read more about it at",
             "This file is @generated automatically"
    -    "hash": "7d101b08e5ae002d827cd42ae9a4e344",
    -    "content-hash": "60f7057617c6d995bf9946d0b12f0b5d",
    +    "hash": "64b08387a4402f685cc35b1ad9197380",
    +    "content-hash": "0e7de9d6c3256344615aad4b059a850a",
         "packages": [
                 "name": "asm89/stack-cors",
  8. Commit.
  9. Push the branch:
    git push origin 8.3.x
  10. Create the dev release:
    • Go to and select the new branch.
    • Example release notes:
      Development release package for the 8.3.x release.
      The 8.3.x branch is open for development and will now include the latest commits. Those interested in testing the development version of Drupal core should continue to work with the 8.2.x branch until the 8.2.0 release on October 5, 2016.
    • Example short description:
      Development release package for the 8.5.x release.
  11. Enable testing for the branch on
  12. Ensure RTBC retesting is enabled. (See #2715407: [Regression] RTBC patches no longer being retested.) The 'pift retest versions' variable needs to be updated to include the latest branch. Later, this may be converted to branch labels used in CI.

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