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Potential core committers (like any other type of core maintainer) can nominate themselves publicly, at any time, via the standard procedure (see the Drupal core governance documentation).

In practice, though, it is common for the existing team of committers to recruit people privately:

  1. If you think a new core committer is needed, talk to the Project Lead (a.k.a. Dries). It's best to suggest names of specific people, if you can.
  2. The Project Lead may choose to advertise the position more widely, such as via a post on the Drupal core group (example).
  3. Once someone is selected and accepts, this is also announced on the Drupal core group (example).

Once a new core committer has been found and is ready to start, the following changes should be made:

  1. The new committer needs to be granted appropriate access at based on their role. This is usually done by the Project Lead.
  2. The new committer should familiarize themselves with the documentation pages in this section of the handbook, particularly the page about reviewing and committing Drupal core patches.
  3. The new committer's name should be added to MAINTAINERS.txt in the core codebase. Traditionally the new committer does this themselves - file an issue with a patch, ask someone else to mark it RTBC, and then commit it as their very first (or one of their first) core commits :)
  4. ...Anything else?

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