Last updated 28 May 2014.

This document identifies tasks that can be done effectively during Drupal core contribution mentoring, explains the approximate skill level required for each, and provides links to documentation and queues of issues that may need that task done.

This chart is also available as a Drupal 7 taxonomy.

Group A:

Task Instructions Potential issues
Steps to reproduce Document steps to reproduce a reported issue Issues tagged with "Needs steps to reproduce"
Triage and find duplicates Verify a reported issue Issues with 0 replies
Issue summary Write an issue summary Issues tagged with "Needs issue summary update"

Group B: Git

Task Instructions Potential issues
Manual testing Manually test a patch for a Drupal issue Issues tagged with "Needs manual testing" or "Needs screenshot"
Improve patch docs/code style Improve patch coding style and documentation Issues marked CNR or CNW
Reroll Re-roll patches to apply cleanly to the latest version of Drupal
Backport Issues with status "Patch (to be ported)

Group C: Programming

Task Instructions Potential issues
Write tests Write a Drupal core automated test Issues tagged with "Needs tests"
Novice issue Create a Drupal core patch Novice issues
Patch review Review a Drupal core patch Issues marked CNR
Draft change notification Write a change record Issues tagged with "Needs change notification"


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