Last updated 13 December 2017.

Background: One Issue many tasks

Community Tools

Community Tools Workshop Curriculum is a resource for sprint leads to put on a workshop as part of their sprint. The Drupal Community Tools and Core Mentoring Guide collects the relevant videos.

Preparing for and running a sprint

Use core mentoring

Sprint organizers and mentors can gain experience through Core Contribution Mentoring and the Drupal Ladder.

Sprint attendees can prepare for a sprint and get continuing support after a sprint by participating in Core Mentoring and the Drupal Ladder.

Use the Drupal issue queues, Novice tag, and dreditor insert tasks button

The Prepping for DrupalCon blog describes how to use tags in the issue queues. A Google doc, or other issue tracker (like trello) can also work, but updating the issues has longer lasting benefits. Dreditor has an insert novice tasks button, which provides a template with links to contributor task instructions pre-filled in.

Reading and Video list to prepare mentors

Mentors should ideally be familiar with core processes. Read mentor resources and share it with mentors.



  • Estimate the number of attendees your sprint might have. A ratio of 1 mentor for every 8 participants usually works well to keep mentors from being overwhelmed. If mentors have not been recruited a head of time, find participants that can be mentors, by asking for help when someone asks you a question and then pairing the participant who knows how to do something with the one seeking help. You don't have to know everything, or do everything.


  • Make an event of type sprint on
  • G.d.o events show up automatically on which can be filtered to show just sprints.
  • A sample blurb to add to your session/event description and announcement (edit to fit your event):

    Everyone is welcome; if you've built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will split into pairs and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. If possible, install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core. For new folks: you can get a head start by making an account on and taking a look at the Drupal Ladder

  • Some sprints copy the sprint sign-up google doc template (see irc factoid: sprint template?)
  • Use irc, #drupal-contributor, a regional channel, or a topic channel to promote your sprint. Maybe also update the sprints? irc factoid to list the sprint.

Plan to deal with dev env situation

  • Setting up a dev env is a resource of tools that can be used in announcements or reminders to sprint participants that will help them set up their development environment before a sprint.
  • Tools package used at DrupalCon sprints might also be useful for smaller sprints
  • is a tool that can be used when participants want to test a patch, or reproduce an issue but they do not have a local *AMP stack.
  • When recruiting mentors, try to get a few people with experience who are comfortable troubleshooting development stacks on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

# Internet

  • Plan to provide enough access points with enough capacity for 2.5 devices per person.
  • Bandwidth limits per device should not be less than 10MB.
  • For a small sprint of around 10 people: Bandwidth: 20-30 MBps down, 5 MBps up should handle 20-25 devices.
  • For a large sprint of around 100 people: Bandwidth: 60-80 MBps down, 20 MBps up should handle 300-400 devices.
  • # IRC
    • Make sure all ports will be open, with access to
    • For large sprints, contact (or to let them know how many people you expect, and the ip they will be connecting from. This lets freenode increase the allowed number of connections.

# Prepare on

Send the following information to at least 2 days before your event date:

  • Sprint location IP address and the number of people expected at your sprint. More testbots will be provided if necessary.


  • Location: Tables of about 6 people facing each other seem to work the best.
  • Make sure there are adequate power strips and wifi.
  • A projector and mic are also recommended for larger sprints.

Task Selection

Instructions for sprinters

Make a blog post or google doc with instructions for your sprint participants. Have it include information like:

  • create account on d.o
  • a way to take attendance, for example, ask them to add their d.o username to a tiny url to a google doc
  • install tools to get their dev env set up, your own list, or use
  • clone drupal and install it
  • ask a mentor for help selecting a task
  • instructions for coordinating who is working on what task, for example, update a google doc, or make a comment on the issue saying what they are about to do (maybe also saying they are at the BLANK sprint).
  • list the wireless network and password

On the sprint day

  • Have signage so people know they are in the right location.
  • Be really nice to new folks.
  • Welcome each person who comes, and introduce yourself.
  • Get people on irc in #drupal and #drupal-contribute Because, even when working in-person, irc is handy to share links and use the bot. And remotely, you get to coordinate, get help, and get to joke with Drupalers. Also, when participants get used to irc, then after the sprint they can continue to stay connected.
  • Get to know the attendees, ask them questions, and then help them choose tasks that are good matches to them.
  • Match participants with simple tasks. Especially their first task should be simple, so they have success and confidence to stay engaged and keep trying.
  • Tell participants when they begin to work on issues, to make a comment on the issue saying what they are about to do. This helps to avoid duplicate work.
  • Advise participants to reload issue pages before making a comment to see if someone else has commented since the last time they loaded the page.
  • It's encouraged make comments on issues to: ask questions, give intermediate results, etc.
  • Have participants work in pairs, it encourages collaboration in the community and can help mentors if there are many participants.
  • Take pictures, and write down who is there.

Organizers, do not worry about what you have gotten yourself into, the community will support you.

Reviews, during the sprint and after


Reading through this list might be overwhelming, but remember smaller sprints do not need every point here and are easier to get started organizing, and that the community is here to support you. Reach out for support by asking in irc in #drupal-contribute or contacting people who have led visible sprints in the past.

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