Last updated 3 October 2015.

In addition to our awesome IRC mentors, there are several roles for mentors involved in the Core Mentored Sprint at DrupalCon and other events.

Sometimes more than one role has been performed by the same person.

Core Mentored Sprint and Planning Lead

Core Mentored Sprint and Planning Lead's objective is to assemble a team of awesome people to lead the things. They are a mentor to mentors and coordinate others in efforts to make the Core Mentored Sprint a great experience to sprint participants and mentors alike.

Things that Core Mentored Sprint and Planning Lead does:

  • finds people to do the things
    • find mentor leads
    • explain their role
    • support them
    • check in with them
  • leads mentor orientation and mini sprint
  • is on site at the event to coordinate mentoring efforts, lead mentor huddles, and work with core committers to make live commit happen

Core Mentored Sprint Room Lead

Core Mentored Sprint Room Lead's objective is to support the core mentored sprint room. They work closely with the Sprint and Planning Lead on how the room is organized. They support and get feedback from the mentors working at the tables.

Things that Core Mentored Sprint Room Lead does:

  • makes periodic announcements
  • about how the day will go
  • emphasize how to work together on an issue
  • about the live commit
  • checks in with mentors and gathers their feedback
  • works with the room greeter on how to direct sprint participants to the tables
  • coordinates community tools setup areas
  • is on site

Mentor Communications Lead

Mentor Communications Lead's objective is to send email communications to the mentors who sign up for the event. They edit the DrupalCon website areas specific to mentoring and sprints. They work with Drupal Association staff to streamline mentor signup-to-MailChimp workflow.

Things that Mentor Communications Lead does:

  • updates MailChimp mentor subscriber list to indicate event participation (and level?)
  • designs and sends emails to folks who signed up to mentor
  • designs and sends emails to all mentors to encourage them to sign up
  • posts to about DrupalCon mentoring opportunities
  • does not need to be on site, but needs to be highly available during DrupalCon

Community Tools Lead

Community Tools Lead's objective is to make sure that mentors are aware of how community tools downloads will work (whether through bittorrent sync or USB drives), and which known issues to expect and how to mitigate them.

Things that Community Tools Lead does:

  • tests the community tools distribution, download and installation
  • if on site, makes sure that there are enough USB drives available that have the tools
  • if not on site, communicate closely with the First Time Sprinter Workshop Lead
  • may not have to be on site

First Time Sprinter Workshop Lead

First Time Sprinter Workshop Lead's objective is to prepare and run First Time Sprinter Workshops. These workshops are repeated throughout the first part of the Friday sprint. The workshop explains how Drupal is developed and introduces participants to community tools.

Things that First Time Sprinter Workshop Lead does:

  • prepares to present the workshop, explaining what contribution to Drupal looks like, why we do the things that we do and how to get and stay involved
  • presents the workshop and finds others to present it if concurrent presentations are needed
  • is on site

Mentor Booth Lead

The DA provides a table in the exhibit hall to promote the Friday sprints, recruit mentors, and serve as a mentor hub during the conference. Passers by will ask questions like "What happens on Friday?" "Could I mentor? What is mentoring involve?", or make statements like "Oh, I could never contribute." Mentors at the booth answer those questions (with the help of a FAQ sheet printed out and taped to the table). We ask all mentors to sign up for a couple hours at the booth and aim to have 2 mentors at the table for all hours the exhibit hall is open.

Mentor Booth Lead's objective is to set up Drupal Core Mentoring booth in the exhibit hall. They should recruit mentors for booth time during the con (via the mentor spreadsheet), and check in on the booth and ensure volunteers know what booth time is about. The Lead does *not* need to be present at the booth all the time.

Things that Mentor Booth Lead does:

  • is the contact person for all booth questions, with support from experienced leads
  • verifies booth planning details with the DA
  • recruits mentors to volunteer time at the Drupal Core Mentoring Booth
  • coordinates booth set up at the exhibit hall
  • makes sure volunteers know what to do at the booth
  • checks in at the booth
  • coordinates booth tear-down on Thursday afternoon

For more information check the drupalcon mentoring booth issue tag. For instructions on how to coordinate with the Drupal Association visit Mentoring Booth page.

Novice Issue Triage Lead

Novice Issue Triage Lead's objective is to recruit and lead volunteers to do novice issue triage before the Friday sprint.

Things that Novice Issue Triage Lead does:

  • recruits mentors to volunteer time for novice issue triage
  • coordinates novice issue triage with participating mentors
  • is present at the novice issue triage