Last updated 2 March 2016.

Facilitators are experienced mentors and contributors who lead core mentoring sessions. They coordinate mentors and connect them with participants. Facilitators have access to create new tasks, manage user accounts, and so on.

  1. Throughout the week, monitor the core queue and update issues summaries of issues that have good novice tasks. Use the dreditor Insert novice tasks button to identify tasks in the issue summary remaining tasks section so there are links to the contributor task documents. Only mark tasks that are novice as novice (but if there are any novice tasks, the issue can have the novice tag).
  2. Each week, before the beginning of core mentoring, review the novice queue for recent weeks. Read recent comments and give feedback, or review work that is posted.
    • If a participant posted on an issue saying they were going to do a task, but has not posted work, ask some questions or give some more direction on the issue. Check with them about the task's status at the next session that they attend.
    • Sometimes an issue is "assigned". If it has been more than two weeks since the task was assigned and there has been no activity, unassign the issue and make a comment like "If you have partial work, please feel still post it to get feedback. If you have any questions, please ask them in a comment here."
  3. Next, go through the some of the issues in the queue with the novice tag determine the status of the issue.
    • If the task is not currently relevant (e.g., ...?, or the issue has become more complicated and is no longer appropriate for novices), remove the novice tag.
    • Similarly, if the task indicated has already been completed (e.g., the task was to write tests and someone not participating in core mentoring has submitted a test), mark the task as "done" in the issue summary. (Do not delete tasks.)
    • If the task has been completed and there is a clear next step in the issue (e.g., someone has written STR that can be used to write a test, or someone has submitted a patch that could use manual testing), add a new task associated with the issue.
  4. Sometime in the hour before the mentoring session, use the core mentoring? factoid in #drupal and announce that core mentoring will begin soon.
  5. At the start of mentoring, prepend a message to the channel topic in #drupal with your name:
    /msg ChanServ topicprepend #drupal Welcome to ! Ping cilefen | heddn
  6. Help mentor participants.
  7. At the end of the scheduled session, set the topic back to the original text:
    /msg ChanServ topic #drupal #drupal is for general chitchat, quick questions, and community talk | #drupal-support is for more in-depth support | Join #drupal-contribute to help make Drupal better | | Drupal 8.0.5 & Drupal 7.43 are out.
  8. Thank everyone for attending with a message like this:
    Thanks for participating in core mentoring today! For help with your contributions outside of core mentoring hours, you can ask in #drupal-contribute.
  9. Give each participant and mentor some karma. :)


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    At the start of mentoring, prepend a message to the channel topic in #drupal with your name:
    /msg ChanServ topicprepend #drupal Welcome to ! Ping cilefen | heddn

    This step needs to have added the instructions on how to authorize in order to make the topic change.