Last updated 24 June 2015.

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Review a patch (software fix) for an issue in the Drupal Core project.

Skills needed

PHP or JavaScript programming

Detailed steps

  1. Install Git on your computer, if it is not already installed. See the installing git page for more information.
  2. If you don't have a Drupal site to test on, set up a local server. You probably do not want to use a live, production web site for this task.
  3. Find issues for Drupal core.
  4. Use the advanced search to choose an issue marked "Needs Review" and tagged with the "Novice" tag.
  5. Review and test the patch, following the steps in the guide to Reviewing patches.
  6. Add a comment to the issue with your review.

Background and reference information

Next steps: moving beyond this task

  • Revise the patch to fix issues that you found.
  • Review more issues in the Drupal Core project, following the same steps as above.

Notes for reviewers and mentors

Yes, you might be reviewing a review done by someone new to reviewing.

In general, follow the instructions for contributing as a reviewer and how to review patches. Keep in mind how to give constructive feedback.

Specific to this task: