Last updated 28 May 2014.

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Incorporate useful ideas from comments into the text of a Community Documentation page, and suggest non-useful comments for deletion.

Skills needed

Read/write competently in English. Some technical knowledge in the area covered by the page you choose to edit may also be necessary.

Detailed steps

  1. Follow the steps on the Using the Documentation Management/Status page reference to filter to a list of pages that have comments. You can use additional filters (title keywords, etc. -- or just scroll through the list) to find a page that covers a topic that you know something about. Choose a page that only has a couple of comments, so this task is not too overwhelming or long.
  2. Review the page and comments. Click on the page title to visit the page (possibly in another tab/window). Scan through the page and the comments. You need to find a page that you have the technical knowledge necessary to edit (i.e., that you can decide whether the comments are accurate or not, and incorporate their content into the page). If the first page you chose isn't right for you, return to the list and find another one.
  3. Edit the page. Click Edit to open the page for editing (probably in another tab/window, because you won't be able to see the comments while you are editing) -- if you don't have an Edit link, go back to the list and choose another page that you have permission to edit. Read the page and the comments carefully, and determine if there are useful corrections or additional information in the comments. Put this information into the page text, or if there is information that is separate from the primary focus of the page, create a child page with this information (from the View page, click the "add child page" link at the bottom to create a child page). What not to roll into the text:
    • Comments that are clearly software bug reports: convert the comment into an issue and file it under its appropriate project.
    • Comments that are support requests: you can file an issue on their behalf in the appropriate project's issue queue and then notify them of the new issue. Or just email them using this template.
    • Comments that are incorrect
    • Comments that don't provide useful information
  4. Save the changes (if you have edited the page). In the Log Message when you save your changes (or your new page), give credit to the people who wrote the comments whose useful content you are including.
  5. Create an issue to delete the comment or comments. Use the following settings:
    • Component: Manage comments
    • Category: task
    • Title: Delete comments on [URL of the page]
    • Body: Indicate which comments you incorporated into the page, and which ones need to be deleted for other reasons. And of course, the URL of the page you were editing, as well as the URLs of the comments.

Background and reference information

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