Last updated December 24, 2015.

Working on is a lot like working on any other site, except:

  • This is a big site with many active users, so we have to be careful with what we roll out.
  • is not maintained by a traditionally small team; there are many people, each with very little time.

What you can work on community initiatives and improvements contain many issues that need to be implemented. Some issues just need QA and review.

Find tvn in #drupal-infrastructure IRC channel if you have some questions or are looking for something to work on.

How to get started

First, familiarize yourself with the documentation pages under this one to see how things work.

Optional: get a copy of the site to work on

For some changes it may be necessary to get a copy of the site for implementation and testing. This is not always needed. Even if it is needed, try to do as much work without. Start with mock-ups and get initial feedback from the community, before requesting a development site.

To get a development environment follow these instructions. We will want to know who you are, what skills you have, and what you want to work on; the more specific, the better.

Issue queues

One of the following queues can be used for code changes related issues:


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