Last updated 25 August 2008.

Join us at the LinuxWorldExpo, London, Olympia, October 5-6, to learn about Drupal. We will be present at the .Org village alongside Mozilla Europe, (formerly known as Mambo), debian, gentoo, openbsd and a lot of other great projects.

Many thanks to who organise and sponsor the .Org village for selecting Drupal as a featured project this year.

Where and when

October 5-6 2005, Olympia 2, London

It is not far from the Kensington Olympia Tube Station. Have a look at this Google map for further directions.


  • To meet up with Drupal coders and users
  • To promote Drupal by showing off the power of the code and the community to the London crowd
  • To connect with other Open Source Software projects
  • To have a good time!

How can you help

Help us man the booth and spread the word. You can help with some of the organisational issues outlined below. If you like Drupal, vote for us in the UK Linux & Open Source Reader Awards 2005

Attending the conference or the expo

The entrance to the exhibition is free, but you have to register at the LinuxExpo website. The attendance fee for the conference costs £75 per half day or £100 per full day.


We maintain a list of people who plan to attend. If you plan to attend, enable the checkbox on your profile page (see my account > [edit] tab > [Drupal] subtab) and you will be added to the list. We might send out some updates or additional information to those who have subscribed.


More information about what we've discussed up to date is available in this previous post and the Drupal UK meet up summary


We have to deal with a few organisational issues, listed below in no particular order.

  • Who will attend and help with manning the booth? Which day(s)?
    • tick the box in your profile and have a look at the hall of fame
    • Please post a comment below if you are going to help with manning the booth - see the quote above
    • Comment below if you can help with any other organisational issue - for example can provide a projector, help with flyers, whatever you can do to help is welcome
  • What visuals can we get, create and display?
    • a projector(s) or some similar mass brainwashing device
    • alternatively, we can put some computer screens/laptops/... to provide visual display
    • some never-ending slideshow(s), for example displaying different websites, with different themes, target audience/...
    • maybe some soundtrack?
    • posters?
  • What marketing materials can/should we provide?
    • flyers
    • posters
    • t-shirts
    • any other ideas?
  • Should we shamelessly put ourselves forward for the UK Linux & Open Source Awards? The posh ceremony will take place on the first night of the expo

.Org mini FAQ

After a chat on IRC we came up with some questions for the organisers of the .Org village. The intention was to to help us scope our effort. This is the result.

What day/time we can set up?

on the 4th

When we have to clear out by?

the evening the show finishes

Are passes free?

there are exhibitor passes which i will supply nearer the time and they are free. visitor passes are available free and they can be got by registering at Linux World Expo

How many passes we get?

as many exhibitor passes as you need. visitor passes are free but they will need to register

Are we allowed to sell stuff, it is one of the ways we try to raise funds for

As long as it is drupal stuff then yes. What you cant do is to sell something that is a commercial product.

Will we have a chance to have presentations or some BOF sessions?

sadly not


the greenman’s picture

I can probably supply a projector, but I do not have a portable screen.

Its not a snazzy office projector, it's quite a beast, but maybe it's cooler that way.

dikini’s picture

That's really good - a beasty brojector could do really well, especially if we can't get some of the really small easy to move around projectors.

While on the theme - we will need to think about a rolling presentation and or demo of drupal's best features and sites using it. does anyone have any ideas?

We will need to think about some t-shirt designs, either "generic" or some special London edition. It is good to have everyone on the booth kitted out - so we will be a recogiseble crowd.

the greenman’s picture

Has no presentation been done before ? Is there nothing we can nick from any other gang?

There were some pretty Drupal poster designs on flickr, they would probably be a starting point for T-shirts. do some pretty affordable multi-colour t-shirts. I would say a more generic Drupal shirt is more useful.

I suppose we need a generic Drupal marketing project for all this stuff.

the greenman’s picture

Should have looked first. ;-)

Robert Castelo’s picture

OK, after doing some research on the print options available, I've put up a page announcing a t-shirt design competition:


Drupal Specialists: Consulting, Development & Training

Robert Castelo, CTO
Code Positive
London, United Kingdom

Robert Castelo’s picture

Anyone planning to attend, if you want a t-shirt send me a message, and also subscribe to this event (see instructions above) so we can keep you informed.


Drupal Specialists: Consulting, Development & Training

Robert Castelo, CTO
Code Positive
London, United Kingdom