Last updated 4 December 2014.

Drupal 8 Mobile InitiativeThe Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative is a concerted effort to make Drupal 8 a first-class mobile platform. This is the official place to discuss challenges and plans to make Drupal 8 the best mobile CMS on the planet!

Contact info

John Albin Wilkins
Twitter: @johnalbin
d.o: JohnAlbin
IRC: JohnAlbin



Roadmap: Read the introductory blog post by John Albin Wilkins, the D8 Mobile Initiative leader.

Want to understand what has happened in the Drupal 8 mobile initiative till date, checkout Shyamala’s Blog on the mobile initiative.

We need documenters, reviewers, thinkers and coders.

Key meta issues to track

#1870944: [Meta] Mobile friendly admin pages
#1921610: [Meta] Architect our CSS
#1510532: [META] Implement the new create content page design
#1415788: Javascript winter clean-up
#1846970: [meta] Responsive Toolbar follow-ups

Reponsive Images & Picture element

Update on Picture element from Attiks:
“For the moment we cannot use the real
tag, because consensus on either syntax or implementation by browsers. So we need to change the syntax the a based solution (div might work as well, but will give problems with inline pictures)”
The issue worked on by @nod_ & @attiks at RTBC #1883526: Decide on the picture polyfill to use



Drupal 8 is updated to Jquery 2.0, #1974340: Update to jQuery 2

With Dries confirming no support for IE 8 in Drupal 8, support needed to remove IE 8 at #1993322: [Meta] Drop IE8 support or look for the ie8 tag. This issue is about listing all IE8-related issues and tracking the progress of IE8 removal. Everything that will be undone here should be ported to the ie8 module to make sure it's possible for contrib to add back the compatibility

There has been lot of work towards improving the front performance & a large part of this has been through js clean ups 7 enhancements. Want to start contributing to javascript in Drupal 8, below are some places to start.
Checkout and review issues at

Key issues which need attention:

  1. #2137235: Make core JS work with a subset of jQuery
  2. #1574512: Selectors clean-up: block
  3. #1663622: Change directory structure for JavaScript files
  4. #1649780: Remove first/last/odd/even classes in favor of CSS3 pseudo selectors
  5. #1515734: form.js' 'formUpdated' behavior is slow because it binds to each element rather than delegating


Key issues which need attention:

  1. #1490402: Redesign tabs and the content header