Last updated 25 May 2012.


  • Add a few remaining major features to the File entity module such as a file access API, and metadata API.
  • Cleanup and add test coverage to File entity to prepare it for merging into core.
  • Improve the UI for managing files, file types, and file displays.
  • Merge the File entity module into core's existing File module. This will provide Drupal core with the following features:
    • Allow fields to be added to file entities
    • A UI for adding, viewing, editing, and deleting file entities individually (e.g. pages for file/%file, file/%file/edit, file/%file/delete, file/add, etc.).
    • A file access and metadata API that can be easily extended by other modules.


Dave Reid Dave Reid
Twitter: @davereid
IRC: davereid
Thomas Svenson tsvenson
Twitter: @tsvenson
IRC: tsvenson
Aaron Winborn aaron
Twitter: @aaronwinborn
IRC: aaronwinborn


Upcoming events

Initiative meeting every other Thursday in #drupal-media

Major tasks for File entity

  • Add the file metadata API to File entity
  • Enable the user to create arbitrary file types
  • Add test coverage for all aspects of File entity
  • Add documentation, both via hook_help(), in-file API documentation, and handbook pages.
  • Improve the UI for editing files
  • Improve the UI for managing file types and display

Major tasks for Drupal core

  • Fix file usage, file delete API, and file entity class
  • Improved stream wrappers for remote and system files

Major tasks for merging File entity into Drupal core

  • Create a core sandbox for preparing and merging in order to generate merge patches
  • Coordinate with other major initiatives and core changes to ensure the merge stays current