Last updated 9 March 2012.

If you're looking to help out with the database API, start here! Actually, first start with The Extensive Docs, and the full issue queue.

Easy stuff:

* #795174: Use %alias in SelectQuery joins and remove workarounds

Generally important stuff

* #690746: Text column type doesn't reliably hold serialized variables

Performance related

* #778050: Add support for database hints and make PagerDefault properly pluggeable - Half as many queries under MySQL to do a pager? Win! Maybe.

DB portability related

* #715108: Make Merge queries more consistent and robust - Merge queries are AFU. Let's fix.
* #773110: Determine and document the supported functions and operators
* #783814: db_query() should whitelist queries - Force module devs to not be lazy.

Security related

* Yay, none!

Note: Please do not add patches here unless you are the DB Maintainer or branch maintainer. We do not want this page to turn into a duplicate of the issue queue, and it's long enough already.