Last updated 4 December 2014.

These issues are important both for end users (for example, site visitors who use screen readers) and for people building Drupal sites that have to meet the accessibility requirements set by governments and other organizations. If you can help with any of these issues, please pitch in. If you want to look at non-core issues, there is a list of contributed modules and their accessibility issues too.

Relevant tag for issues: accessibility

For more general discussions about Drupal accessibility, see the Accessibility Group and related documentation in the Site Building Guide, Theming Guide and Developer Guide.

Critical/Major Issues

These issues may be critical and should be fixed prior to the release of D8.

Critical Enhancements (not technically critical issues)

These issues are critical to the accessibility of D8, but will not prevent D8 from being released if they are not fixed.

Headings, Structural Enhancements & Semantics

Purpose and Context Enhancements

Theming, Colors, Contrast & Images

WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Application) Enhancements

Form Enhancements

Other Stuff (Zoom)

Multilingual Accessibility

Things that could still use some love