Status message

Code Positive has been building Drupal websites since 2007, when we launched as one of the first companies in the world specialised in providing Drupal services.

Our clients include organisations as diverse as BT, Comic Relief, Sage Pay, and Worldpay.

The Drupal community’s dedication to quality is what attracted us to it, and we are committed to delivering the same level of excellence for our clients that has made Drupal thrive.

Drupal contributions

Code Positive sponsors staff contributions to the Drupal community including organising Drupal Sprint weekends, participation in the Drupal Security Team, and development and maintenance of contributed modules such as User Import module.

Projects supported

Apachesolr Views Spelling, Replicate Permissions, ApacheSolr Retain, Field Collection Style, Views Linker, Webform Salesforce Concatenate, TOC Node, Features Site Frontpage, Address Empty, Apachesolr View Modes, Field Collection View Mode Field, No Trimmed Preview, BrightTALK Field, User Import Delete, TOC Formatter, Webform Clear, Webform Node Value, Field Collection Deploy, BrightTALK Feeds, Site Redirect, Raw Text Formatter, Transporter, Select Remix, Exclusive Value, Outline Print, Password Auto Off, Safeword, Download Data, Question Field, WikiTools Auto Node Title, System Email, Access Permision Grouping, Deliver, SWFObject Filter, User Import Organic Groups, Role Confer, Search Restrict, Checkbox Validate, CCK groups, Teaser Images, User Import, Templates, Announcement, Email Newsletters, Subscribed, Bounced Email, Schedule, Publication, Identity Hash, HTML2Text, Side Content, Validation, News Page


Get up to speed with Drupal configuration, development and theme creation.

Code Positive can help your team to build up their Drupal expertise. Taking into consideration the current capability of your team, we can design bespoke on-site training sessions to meet their needs and your business requirements.