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JYSK is a global retail chain that sells everything for the home. JYSK is owned by founder Lars Larsen, who opened his first JYSK store in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1979.

JYSK Group is formed by the companies JYSK Nordic, JYSK Franchise and DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER. In total, the companies have 2,534 stores, 21,000 employees across 48 countries. The turnover in the financial year 15/16 was 3.12 billion euro.

JYSK Nordic is part of the global JYSK GROUP, which is a leader on the European market in all articles for the bedroom, the bathroom, the livingroom, the window and the patio. JYSK Nordic operates in 20 countries including Scandinavia, East and Central Europe and China.

Although JYSK today is a global business, the company is managed based on its Scandinavian roots. This reflects in our company culture and the way we do business.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

Drupal was chosen because of its flexibility and power in development of custom web solutions, rich content management capabilities, popularity and large community.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

General Goal

Back in 2011 JYSK was looking for replacement for legacy proprietary closed-source web solution. Prototype of web shop in first country was made based on Drupal 7. It was designed that web shops in all JYSK Nordic countries have similar functionality, page structure and layout, integration into other JYSK systems. Number of web sites based on same platform has grown up to 20 countries since that time and until now (2018). Online sales powered by JYSK e-commerce solution play significant role in overall company sales. JYSK has ambition to become the best web site in retail.


Landscape of IT systems in JYSK is broad and supports offline and online sales. Besides Drupal it includes different SAP systems for retail, Salesforce, various backend systems based on Java, Microsoft solutions. Drupal plays frontend role and is closely integrated with e-commerce backend based on Java.


Complexity of business process and various backend systems behind online sales required custom solution for e-commerce in JYSK. Flexibility and customization possibilities provided by Drupal were used. None of the existing contrib solutions for e-commerce in Drupal have been tailored to the specific needs of the project, thus JYSK implemented its own integration.


With rise of modern Javascript (ES6) and decoupling techniques JYSK started using them in order to provide faster and better shopping experience for customers. ReactJS library was selected and it perfectly blended into the new architecture with e-commerce Java backend and Drupal as content platform.


Started from one domain Drupal platform in JYSK now serves 20 domains with similar features and functionality like product pages, basket, checkout. It is based on Drupal multi-site architecture, with shared code base (Drupal 7 core, modules and themes), but separate databases and configurations for each domain. Besides country configuration each domain has its own specific payment gateways, delivery providers and country specific features.


Description of each product from JYSK assortment (approx. 5000 items) and other content should be translated into 20 languages for each JYSK web shop. Powerful Drupal translation system is used for this purpose. Site managers in JYSK have many features that support complex translation process: integration with external translation system, possibility to exchange (push) content from one domain to another in multi-site environment.


Performance has direct impact on sales, SEO and customer experience. JYSK web shops have usual load of 60 million page views per month. Serving such high load requires different optimizations and cache layers, using Varnish, Memcached, MariaDB etc.

Other web sites

Drupal can easily fit into large and small projects, so why not use it for other JYSK sites? Several smaller web sites were developed in JYSK using Drupal: corporate site, sites for people seeking for job in JYSK and requested by HR department etc. All latest sites are based on Drupal 8, for example online magazine for JYSK employees and curious outsiders.

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Features module for Drupal 7 is used for transferring configuration between several environments (development, test, stage, production).

Search API module is used for internal search function in combination with powereful Solr search engine.

Feeds module is used for importing product and other data into Drupal database.

LDAP module is used for integration with internal user database Active Directory.

Paragraphs module is used for various promo and landing pages.

TMGMT module is used for integration with external translation systems.

Webform module is used for custom web forms and various contests.

Bootstrap theme is used as base theme on all web sites, based on Bootstrap 3.

Project team: 

IT Department in JYSK consist of approx. 50 people. Drupal development team consists of 10 professional developers distributed over Denmark and Ukraine with reference directly to headquarters in Denmark.