Status message

BuildAModule helps you and your team learn Drupal fast. We offer over 1000 focused, to-the-point video tutorials covering everything from basic and advanced site building to development, theming, and workflow management. Many of our viewers tell us that we have the best video tutorials on the planet, and we work really hard to make sure each tutorial is perfectly paced and practical. You can save thousands of dollars and hundreds of training hours simply by leveraging the BuildAModule library in your organization. BuildAModule is used by numerous universities, governments, multi-national corporations, small non-profits and individuals who just need to learn Drupal. We can help you, too!

Drupal contributions

We created a completely free training program and piloted a new training model - just for Drupal training - that will let anyone in the world learn Drupal site building, theming, development, and more. It's been used over a dozen times on several continents to train hundreds of people. The founder has also organized and trained at over half of those.

BuildAModule releases new free Drupal video tutorials on Drupal every week, and has contributed over 250 covering critical topics like building modules, theming, working with critical modules.

Chris Shattuck, the founder of BuildAModule has made a number of contributions, including:

  • Made over 100 contributions to Drupal documentation
  • Spent 3 months documenting two popular Drupal distributions, Open Atrium and Managing News
  • Trained for free at numerous Drupal camps
  • Spoken for free about Drupal at over 20 Drupal events
  • Made some minor patches in Drupal 7 core and monitored usability issues (it wasn't much, but it was fun)
  • Created numerous unique modules including Navigate and Evernote
  • Created several free resources like an up-to-date one-page view of all Drupal camps, and a Drupal mentor directory


BuildAModule has a free training curriculum and innovative model that makes it easy for anyone to put on a free Drupal training covering any of the Drupal essentials. Called a 'Mentored Training', this training style leverages a flipped-classroom-like model to allow students of different experience levels to work together, and frees up trainers to help students one-on-one, 100% of the time.

While anyone can put on these trainings (and these trainings have happened over a dozen times in several countries around the world), BuildAModule often hosts these trainings at Drupal camp, conferences, or other events. See the URL for instructions on how to put one on yourself, or check out the calendar for upcoming public trainings.