BoaB interactive Pty Ltd
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Consulting, Data migration, Information architecture, Project Management, Site Building, Upgrades
Community, Government, Non-profit
Australia, India
Mt Molloy, Queensland (Australia)
Usual project budget
$20,000 - $50,000

BoaB interactive is an agile solutions developer serving the natural resource management and collaborative research communities.

We specialise in providing intelligent websites to thoughtful clients. Areas of interest include:

  • Using maps and geographical tools to improve access to information
  • Developing highly structured content collections to support flexible discovery
  • Exploring delivery channels outside the website (content feeds, handheld optimisation, services endpoints)

Our focus is long-term relationships in the local, the sustainable, and the ethical. Building capacity for a better world is the growth sector we are privileged to work within.

We are a Pantheon Ally and contributed to the crowdfunding effort for Kalabox.

Drupal contributions

We're not programmers: we're systems analysts and solutions designers. We push the boundaries of what Drupal can do with core and contribs (vs custom hacking).

We promote and evangelise the Drupal platform.

We are active in the issue queues.

We support module developers (part-sponsored Organic Groups Mailing List and contributing to Biblio)

BoaB was a Silver Sponsor of the 2011 and 2012 Drupal Down Under Conference.

We have supported and nurtured Drupal guns who now power some of Australia's most high-profile Drupal shops (eg, @xtfer @davidseth @nicksanta @jdsaward).

Projects supported

Search API Location – Solr BBoxField support