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Nasdaq chooses Drupal 8

I wanted to share the exciting news that Nasdaq Corporate Solutions has selected Drupal 8 as the basis for its next generation Investor Relations Website Platform. About 3,000 of the largest companies in the world use Nasdaq's Corporate Solutions for their investor relations websites. This includes 78 of the Nasdaq 100 Index companies and 63% of the Fortune 500 companies.

What is an IR website? It's a website where public companies share their most sensitive and critical news and information with their shareholders, institutional investors, the media and analysts. This includes everything from financial results to regulatory filings, press releases, and other company news. Examples of IR websites include http://investor.starbucks.com and -- all three companies are listed on Nasdaq.

All IR websites are subject to strict compliance standards, and security and reliability are very important. Nasdaq's use of Drupal 8 is a fantastic testament for Drupal and Open Source. It will raise awareness about Drupal across financial institutions worldwide.

In their announcement, Nasdaq explained that all the publicly listed companies on Nasdaq are eligible to upgrade their sites to the next-gen model "beginning in 2017 using a variety of redesign options, all of which leverage Acquia and the Drupal 8 open source enterprise web content management (WCM) system."

It's exciting that 3,000 of the largest companies in the world, like Starbucks, Apple, Amazon, Google and ExxonMobil, are now eligible to start using Drupal 8 for some of their most critical websites. 


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This is great news for the Drupal 8 ecosystem and everyone in the Drupal community. I look forward to how these new relationships evolve along with our community. Cheers.

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Way to go!

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This is very good :)

Rajab Natshah

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That is a Great news for us Drupal folks

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Drupal future is som damn Bright

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Thanks drupal developers :)

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Congratulation to all contributors for there hard work in Drupal8, out come, at the out set, such a good news :)

Jyotisankar Pradhan

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It's very cool! This is great news for all)

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Nice one!

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Are good news for drupal lovers ;)


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Great news for All.

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for all :) 

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it will not help if you won't move to pull requests in the next 6 months. At least our company is looking to another solutions because of slow bug-resolving progress in D8.

Poor Nasdaq

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Thanks for this reposting.

I would like to see, if possible, an overview of which platforms are chosen by all major corporations, organisations, publishers etc. I suspect Drupal dominates in some areas, but it would be interesting to see where other platforms are chosen, and perhaps a theory on why. Perhaps geographical differences? Where does Drupal shine, and where doesn't it?
I don't know if this information is easy to come by, or possible. But it would be interesting.

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That's simply great. Well done.

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When I share this message to Chinese community, many people supprised!

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would like to see a case study-esque article article detailing the challenges in development (like support for some contributed modules that are still actively being implemented). And some insight on how drupal edged other potential alternatives. Kudos to the drupal community for enabling and empowering high profile websites.

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I agree.  D8 is pretty slick, but my sites are still on D7 due to modules that have not been upgraded.  Maybe this announcement will help speed that effort.

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We are in the same boat. No migration of Drupal 7 sites. Only limited sites are being deployed in Drupal 8. 

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That's great.Thanks to all community members.

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Excellent choice for both Drupal and Nasdaq!

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It's nicer and nicer to become and to be a Drupal developer!

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Hearing this news made me feel even better than when I heard NASDAQ adopted RedHat for their servers, all those years ago...

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Absolutely :)

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I feel it is the best choice for Nasdaq. We are good at what we are doing to build a complicated, strong, and beautiful system.

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That's great. Good for both, Thanks for the informations.

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Thanks Drupal again, you've again proved that you can build any kind of complex websites in this world.

The day is coming not so far, Drupal is going to beat all the domains & will sit at the top of the list :) how many of you agree guys?? 

My hearty Congratulations to all the contributors who worked really hard by putting their blood & time for this community.