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Yesterday, the City of Boston launched its new website,, on Drupal. Not only is Boston a city well-known around the world, it has also become my home over the past 9 years. That makes it extra exciting to see the city of Boston use Drupal.

As a company headquartered in Boston, I'm also extremely proud to have Acquia involved with The site is hosted on Acquia Cloud, and Acquia led a lot of the architecture, development, and coordination. I remember pitching the project in the basement of Boston's City Hall, so seeing the site launched less than a year later is quite exciting.

The project was a big undertaking, as the old website was 10 years old and running on Tridion. The city's digital team, Acquia, IDEO, Genuine Interactive, and others all worked together to reimagine how a government can serve its citizens better digitally. It was an ambitious project as the whole website was redesigned from scratch in 11 months; from creating a new identity, to interviewing citizens, to building, testing and launching the new site.

Along the way, the project relied heavily on feedback from a wide variety of residents. The openness and transparency of the whole process was refreshing. Even today, the city made its roadmap public at and is actively encouraging citizens to submit suggestions. This open process is one of the many reasons why I think Drupal is such a good fit for

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More than 20,000 web pages and one million words were rewritten in a more human tone to make the site easier to understand and navigate. For example, rather than organize information primarily by department (as is often the case with government websites), the new site is designed around how residents think about an issue, such as moving, starting a business or owning a car. Content is authored, maintained, and updated by more than 20 content authors across 120 city departments and initiatives.

Screenshot of Towed Cars page

The new is absolutely beautiful, welcoming and usable. And, like any great technology endeavor, it will never stop improving. The City of Boston has only just begun its journey with—I’m excited see how it grows and evolves in the years to come. Go Boston!

Panel on stage at launch

Dries on stage at launch

Dries and Boston mayor, Marty Walsh

Last night, there was a launch party to celebrate the launch of It was an honor to give some remarks about this project alongside Boston mayor, Marty Walsh (pictured above), as well as Lauren Lockwood (Chief Digital Officer of the City of Boston) and Jascha Franklin-Hodge (Chief Information Officer of the City of Boston).


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Congrats ! The design is simple, clean and beautiful ~ I wonder what are the key modules of this website, especially when you mentioned "Content is authored, maintained, and updated by more than 20 content authors across 120 city departments and initiatives." I wonder if these modules are custom made or contributed modules already available in Drupal community to empower such a gov website. Well done anyway !

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Congratulations to the team that created such beautiful site.
It's beautiful and i love it.

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Really nice site, love the clean simple design and the unobtrusive navigation. I notice when clicking around that some of the old site is still in place. Is there a road map for migrating the rest of the site?

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Yes! We're planning to have larger discussions around the integrations before moving them over. You can check out for a high level overview of what we're doing next - and for updates :)

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That is really awesome, congrats again.

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I'd love to know more about what went into the site. Drupal version/ major contrib modules, etc.

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From the source, it is Drupal 7.
A quick scan of the page source I can see that it uses the Paragraphs module.

"It is a damn poor day when you don't learn something!" - Mr. Jones, teacher

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It's Drupal 7 and most of the content on the site was built with Paragraphs :)

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Does anyone else see that a lot of the HTML attributes are missing double quotes?

<div class=main-navigation>
<div class=main-navigation-wrapper>
<div class=main-navigation-title></div>
<div class="region region-navigation">
<div class="block block-menu-block first last odd" role=navigation id=block-menu-block-1>
<div class="menu-block-wrapper menu-block-1 menu-name-main-menu parent-mlid-0 menu-level-1">
<ul class=menu>

"It is a damn poor day when you don't learn something!" - Mr. Jones, teacher

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It looks OK for me
check your browser params

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Which browser params would address this?

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Confirmed in latest Chrome (52) and Firefox (47). Seems like some quote marks can be missing from template files.

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Great! to see that such an important site is made with Drupal-7,
Drupal.settings shows the use of panel, views, genpass.
I assume most of the pages are built with panel & views it self and export to feature as usual :-).

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Congrats guys !

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Awesome user interface. Visited some pages and loved the design.

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Great work by everyone involved with this project. Another great example of how Drupal really shines. Very impressed with the development timeline.

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Looks like Drupal 7 still rules!

I was wondering if this might be show case for Drupal 8, but not so.

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I congratulate the team that did the awesome job. Good job

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Wow, Looking Great.

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Congratulations, Awesome work guys!!

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Congrats on the move... and congrats to Drupal! I'll be digging through the CSS as usual... Very nice, clean look. Nice job guys.

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This is awesome! The site is great. I'm from the Boston Area and my University is moving over to Drupal. Hence the reason why I now learned / and still learning Drupal.

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Great! D

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The site is good, but there are few things that needs to taken care of:
1. On the feedback form server-side validation validating the email id is not there.

This is the first thing that I can see.

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Thanks for checking out the new !

I've added your feedback to our issue queue :)
In the future, you can send anything like that our way at and we'll add it to our "fix list."

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Congratulations to the team that created such beautiful site.
It's beautiful and i love it.

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Nice work.

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Thanks you Drupal love Drupal

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It's great to see that government agency is using state of the art site for sharing information. Impressed by the ease of use and I'll be checking back often. Philip owner of