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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Flagship product: GIMS

The knowledge of human genes, their variants and related medical facts is rapidly growing. At the same time, the effort of interpreting that data is also increasing. Identifying correlations or taking appropriate measures requires the aid of special tools.

bio.logis is developing services and IT applications for managing human genetics information in order to make our "genetic code" accessible and usable. Our Genetic Information Management Suite (GIMS) provides combined genetic data to enable decision making with a medical value.

GIMS consists of a web-based authoring and content management system based on Drupal, globally connecting expert knowledge, along with a genetic reports engine. A multilingual portal and mobile applications offer access to medial-ready knowledge for physicians, patients and healthy clients to support distributing and scaling genetics advice. The "pharma.sensor" online application provides ideas about adjusting drug therapies to your individual genetic makeup.

Drupal services

Based on our expertise on building products on top of Drupal and the individual drupal expertise of our developers we offer various Drupal services - especially for the healthcare sector.

Contact us if you're starting a project or looking for consultancy regarding

  • Drupal as part of high security web services
  • secure hosting of sensitive data
  • using Drupal as an interface to turn legacy systems into web services
  • sophisticated multilingual search (and find) solutions based on Drupal and Solr

Drupal contributions

Projects supported

igbinary, Autosave Form, Ajax Confirm, Search API Cross-language information retrieval, Language Negotiator Content Entity (All Routes), Search API Multilingual Solr Search, Widget On Demand, Revision UI, Prefetch Cache, HTML Diff, Apache Solr Address Field, Mobile Detect API, Jira REST, PSR-3 Watchdog, HealthVault® Connect, Apache Solr Config Generator, Conflict, Print PDF Proxy, Biblio Advanced Import, Search API Solr Search, Apache Solr Multilingual, Cron Control, ThemeKey Properties, ThemeKey

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